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Boss Media
Best Slots Payout %
Captain Cooks 98.20%
Vegas Slot Hot 98.24%
All Slots 98.10%
Crazy Vegas 98.08%
Spin Palace 97.70%
Sands 97.68%
Casino Tropez 97.66%
Sun Vegas 96.77%
Lucky Nugget 96.66%
Trident Lounge 97.10%
Golden Palace 97.00%
Lucky Emperor 97.77%
Best Casino Bonuses
777 Dragon $3000
Crazy Vegas $1500
Vegas Red $888
Carnival $777
Del Rio $600
Phoenician $500
Millionaires $350
Casino Tropez $300
Golden Tiger $250
Slot Fever $250
Vegas Break $250
All Slots $200 $100
Super Slots $100
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Welcome to Slots Professor

Looking for the best Slots games online? If you enjoy playing slots then this is the resource you've been looking for. We provide the latest slots strategy, news, tournament schedules and reviews of web based Slots games. For your safety we only list fully licensed casinos with payouts certified by a reputable third party accounting firm. You are assured of the very best slots gaming experience, top notch player support and super fast payouts. We invite you to browse our site, play our free slots games and try a few spins at our recommended casinos. Remember, when you want to play Slots online always stop here at Slots Professor first.

Online Slots Games bring the excitement of traditional style brick and mortar slot machines right to your computer. What makes it even better is that many online casinos offer higher payouts on their slots than you would find in a typical land based casino. You can learn more about slot machine by reading below. If you are looking to play slots online we recommend the casinos to the right.

Slot machines are known by many names throughout the world and their extreme popularity makes slots the cornerstone gambling device of land and online casinos all over the world. Americans specifically use the term slot machine while the game is known as fruit machines throughout the UK and poker machines in Australia. The machines, as mentioned, are fully automated right now and while in years past the machines operated with a pull of the lever, many modern slots forgo the arm and even the use of real cash and instead use a push button and paper tickets worth a player's winnings.

The modern land slots operate on a reel or are merely a computer generated reel. With the advent of the online casino gambling industry, actual spinning reels have been replaced with computer generated random odds and virtual reels. The Random Number Generator feature of a slot is the key component to the machine. Gamblers sit down at the slots for a bit of gambling and whether or not they hit a winning combination of symbols is determined by an RNG function. The use of an RNG means that there is no way for the casinos to "rig" a machine to a house advantage.

How to Play Slots

You need to learn how to play the slot machine, how to differentiate between slot machines, and how the slot machine operates and looks like.

In online casinos you play slots by paying through a registered account. To actually activate the slot machine all you have to do is pull the level, press the button, or click on the touch-screen, all placed on the machine.

The goal is to play slots is to win money from the slot machine by getting a consecutive row of a certain symbol or shape. When you start to find out how to play slots you'll notice the screen shows a row of different symbols. Those symbols are on three to five spinning wheels, and may be fruits/suits/numbers or other types of shapes and forms.

When you pull the slot level and operate the machine, the reels turn and you see the symbols on the reels change fast. When the symbols stop, the final symbols on the slot machine screen are the final shapes that are the score.

Near the slot machine there is a chart that shows the winning combinations, and their cash prizes. If your score is one of those combinations, you'll hear the machine flash and ring, and you'll get cash prizes according to what the chart specifies. Sometimes the prize for a combination is that you get another free round wherein you can play slots again.

Types of Slot Machines

The following option offer you different rules how to play slots, on the internet and in casinos, and you can practice and choose the one slot variant you prefer:

Reel slots - are the most common slots, and are recognized by 3 to 5 reels on the slot screen. When you play slots of this sort, the only way to win the jackpot is to insert a larger number of coins per spin.

Video Slots - use only one coin at a time to play each round.

Video poker machines - are slots where players try to reach symbols much like winning poker hands.

There are high limit slots, where you pay high figures like $100 for each turn, and low limit slots, where you can pay as little as one penny. Some combinations of slots allow you to play slots and win, not only with horizontal line, but with diagonal and vertical lines as well. You will figure how to play slots like these after you play them for a while. They have a larger screen that you need to get used to. It shows more figures than the normal one row slot.

Online Slots

Online slots has become popular casino game on the internet, it is fun and easy game and immensely engaging and never boring as the graphics and themes are dynamic and ever changing.

In our guide to online slots you will learn to take advantage of the great bonuses online casinos are offering as an incentive to attract new players, learn the different kinds of online slot games which are out there and to recognize the best payout games of online slots machines on the web to maximize your online slots experience.

More Free Slots Added to our Game Room

If you are looking for free slots games to play then check out our newly expanded game room. We now have 9 new no download slot machines that you can play for free for as long as you like. Try them all and tell your friends about the game room too.

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